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Jane Bowes

I recently had my first sound vibrational tuning.  It was with Erika.  I felt very comfortable with Erika as she was very calm and relaxed; and her personal peace was evident.  As we started the session, soft calming music was playing in the background. 

I laid on the massage table provided and decided to get into a meditative state while she did the vibrational tuning.  I don’t know the technique, but I can tell you that after the session I was AMAZED at how relaxed, peaceful, and calm I felt. I truly felt I had been rebalanced and refreshed.  So refreshed!

 Erika then drew an Oracle Card for me and read it to me.  I was just flabbergasted and blown away at how accurately the card spoke to me for this part of my life journey.  I can’t wait for my next session! 

Brandon Wilson

I went to my first Sound Vibrational Therapy session with Erika last night to get my chakras cleansed and aligned!!! I feel like a New Man and I'm in a very peaceful/joyful state!! I strongly encourage any of you who seek balance and peace on your spiritual journey to do this!!

Sara Granata

In the works